Spain, Ribera del Duero




Juan Manuel Burgos founded this winery in 1999 owning 20 acres of Tempranillo vines in Fuentelcesped, in the eastern end of Ribero del Duero. Topsoil composed of sand and thin particles of clay and subsoil of gravel with limestone. This soil profile provides good water drainage reducing humidity and the low organic matter, reduces grape yields to 2.2 pounds per vine (1 kg). Producing wines with deep color saturation, aromatic, extracted and intense in flavor. His first vintage was in 2000 and he continues to make small production cuvees. AVAN is NAVA written back to front. NAVA is the river passing through Fuentelcésped, it also gives its name to a parcel famous for its grapes, and finally NAVA is the patron saint of the village. Avan decided not to use the terms of "crianza", "reserva" (etc.) used by the regulatory council, because they want to give to the wine the time of maturation that it is asking for. They use the generic stamp of the regulatory council which only specifies that the wine belongs to the DO Ribera del Duero and the year of its elaboration. They add a text where they indicate the variety, the time of maturation and the way of working the vineyard. To the brand AVAN they add the denominations: Nacimiento, Concentración, Viñedo del Torrubio, Terruño de Valdehernando y Cepas Centenarias. These denominations reflect the philosophy and the image that they wish to express through our wines. Indeed, they differentiate their wines according to the vineyard from where they come.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Ribera Del Duero "Nacimiento" Tempranillo 10-20 years Sandy, calcareous, clay Non-certified Biodynamic
Viñedo del Torrubio Tempranillo 65 years Clay Non-certified Biodynamic
Terruño de Valdhernando Tempranillo 86 years 1.5 meters deep sand topped with clay Non-certified Biodynamic
Cepas Centenarias Tempranillo Pre-phylloxera Clay and sand mix with limestone and rocky areas Non-certified Biodynamic