Vigneti Boveri Giacomo

Piemonte, Italy




With humble roots in Colli Tortonesi dating to the early 19th century, Giacomo Boveri defines himself as a traditional winemaker. For five generations, the family has worked and perfected their agriculture talents in the province of Alessandria. Giacomo, accompanied by his wife Sara Bonadeo, who left her position as a lawyer to follow him after being 'overwhelmed' her husband's passion for the land, took over the family holdings beginning in 1988.

In their small Piedmontese corner, not far from the Langhe region, a special white grape variety, Timorasso, has been rediscovered. Beginning in 1987 with the winemaker / pioneer Walter Massa, the grape’s resurgence has encouraged other courageous producers to work with the lesser-known variety. 

Derthona Timorasso, or Colli Tortonesi Timorasso, was first awarded DOC status on July 7th, 2011 following the work of Walter Massa and his fellow Timorasso disciples. While Colli Tortonesi has existed as a recognized DOC in Alessandria since the early 70s, Timorasso was nearly extinct at the time and was not a recognized variety by the DOC. Giacomo Boveri was among those original pioneers, beginning to grow the notoriously delicate and difficult to cultivate Timorasso in his vineyards in 2003. After years of experimentation and perfecting his handling of the variety, Giacomo's 2011 vintage of ‘Lacrime del Bricco' was worthy of inclusion for the innaugural 'Derthona Timorasso' DOC labelling. 

Together with other winemakers, Giacomo and Sara have believed in this variety, which yields what is perhaps Italy’s greatest white wine, full-bodied yet impossibly elegant, and made for longevity. All 'Derthorna Timorasso' is bottled using the same bottling machine, one that is maintained by the Consorzio Piemonte Obertengo, a display of unity among the growers that have taken on working with the arduous, but rewarding variety. 

In addition to their work in helping the resurgence of this storied white variety, Giacomo and Sara also cultivate Barbera along with a lesser-known local red variety, Croatina. All wines are hand harvested and see fermentation and aging exclusively in stainless steel tanks. The 'Carassa' is 100% Barbera and is sourced from a 60 year old vineyard followed by a temperature controlled fermentation followed by brief aging in tank. The 'Bricco della Ginestra', also 100% Barbera, is sourced partially from a 12 year old vineyard and partially from a 35 year old vineyard, and sees two years aging in tank before bottling. The 'Firangiuli' is 100% Croatina from a 10 year old vineyard and also sees two years maturation in tank before bottling. 

Both of their whites, the 'Lacrime del Bricco' and the 'Muntà l’è ruma' are 100% Timorasso and receive similar treatment in the winery, being left on the lees for a year following fermentation and then aged in bottle for at least six months before their release. The 'Lacrime del Bricco' vineyard were planted in 2006 and sit atop calcareous white marl with south-facing exposure. The 'Muntà l’è ruma' vineyard was planted in 2009 atop predominantly clay soils with west-facing exposure.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type
'Lacrime del Bricco' Timorasso 12 Years Calcareous Marl
'Muntà l’è ruma' Timorasso 9 Years Clay
'Carassa' Barbera Avg. 60 years Clay
'Bricco della Ginestra' Barbera 12 Years & 35 Years Calcareous, Clay
Croatina 'Firangiuli' Croatina 10 years Clay