Bruno Ferrara Sardo

Italy, Sicily




"As a child I spent almost every day in the countryside with my grandfather and while playing I would watch the men hoeing and pruning, and in this way I learned to love and how to cultivate the vineyard.  For years the memory of the harvest haunted me, a time when adults and children worked together to transform grapes into wine, until I decided to try my hand at the art of cultivating vines.  With time, bottle after bottle, the wine from my vineyard has become synonymous with conviviality and generosity and for these reasons it is “requested” both by friends and family when they want to celebrate either a grand occasion or a simple one.  'nzemmula is memory and more, the wine expresses this intrinsic feature of sharing and capacity to form close relationships over a glass of aged wine.  Hence the name of the wine, " 'nzemmula" which translated from the local dialect means "together" and describes a celebration of sharing in the joy and pleasure of being " 'nzemmula".  Our Nerello Mascalese vineyard is situated a few kilometres from the centre of Randazzo (CT) in the Allegracore district at an altitude of 700 meters on the north side of Mt. Etna.  The soil is of volcanic origin with lava substrate at varying depths. The vineyard, part of which was planted 40 years ago and the rest 50 years, has been cultivated in harmony with nature for over 20 years, organically, without the use of herbicides, fertilizers and other chemical products." - Bruno Ferrara Sardo


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Nzemmula Nerello Mascalese 40-50 years Volcanic basalt Organic