Chateau de Bois-Brincon, Xavier Cailleau

France, Loire, Anjou



Xavier Cailleau has entirely converted this ancient 700 year old estate in Anjou to Biodynamic farming (certified Biodynamic since 2013), where many of the vines are quite old, the soil is rich in fossils and has a rare diversity with the landscape stretching over 6 villages and 8 different terroirs; Grès, Tuffeau, Marne, Spilites, Rhyolites, and more. Xavier is very well-respected for all of his cuvées, but especially known for his “80” Grolleau; vines planted in 1930 (the 2010 now available is from 80 year old vines). In fact, for average age of vines, Bois-Brincon is either the oldest, or one of the oldest-aged vine properties in the Anjou.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Anjou Blanc Sec "Terre de Grès Blanc" Chenin Blanc 18 years Chalky sandstone Biodynamic
Coteaux du Layon Faye d'Anjou "Le Clos des Savarières" Blanc Chenin Blanc 55 years Schist, rhyolite and phtanite Organic
Anjou "La Seigneurie" Rouge Cabernet Franc 35 years Chalky limestone Biodynamic
Anjou Villages "Le Clos des Cosses" Rouge Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon 16 years, planted 1999 Marl (Marnes) Biodynamic
Vin de France Grolleau 80 Rouge NV Grolleau 80 years Chalky sandstone Biodynamic