Domaine des Anges, Florent Chave

France, Rhône, Ventoux



This beautiful, tiny, Irish owned vineyard shares its name with the chapel of Notre Dame des Anges, which watches over it from the summit of a hill where Romans and Saracens once stood guard. Vines have grown here for two thousand years, beneath the gaze of the Giant of Provence: majestic Mont Ventoux. An altitude of 450m, long hot summers, cool nights and limestone and loam give Domaine des Anges a unique terroir which, with the skill, experience and care of winemaker Florent Chave, fosters award winning wines infused with Gallic passion and Gaelic joie de vie. Domaine des Anges is a micro-vineyard with a microclimate, where grapes grow well and humans work happily within the span of a hand.  It is the pursuit of excellence rather than size that motivates and satisfies all those involved in this labor of love! The wines of Domaine des Anges are authentic: all grapes are grown and all wines are crafted and bottled on the vineyard, using the best contemporary practices, respecting nature and tradition. In steel, concrete and wood, they are carefully matured to give complexity, richness and excitement, some in small limited editions of exceptional quality.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Ventoux Blanc 34% Grenache blanc, 33% Roussanne, 33% Bourboulenc 30 years Calcareous clay Sustainable
Ventoux Archange Blanc Roussanne 40 years Calcareous clay Sustainable
Ventoux 60% Grenache, 40% Syrah Average 30 years Calcareous clay, loam and sand Sustainable
Ventoux Archange 90% Syrah, 10% Grenache Average 47 years Calcareous clay and loam Sustainable
Ventoux Seraphin Grenache 50 years Calcareous clay and loam Sustainable