Domaine Font-Mars, Jean-Baptiste de Clock

France, Languedoc



The passion of winegrower and wineproducer is an old tradition for the family de Clock. Originally from Holland, Jean Clock settled in Bordeaux in 1679, and decided to cultivate a vineyard in that region. As a result King Louis the XIV, who recognized the quality of his wines, naturalized him as a French citizen in 1686. In his lineage, Jean-Baptiste-Alexandre was ennobled in 1757 by Great Counsellor of the King (Conseiller Grand Secrétaire du Roi). Leon de Clock married Camille de Vulliod and like numerous generations of winegrowers before him, he undertook the management of the vineyard and the domaine. “Le Château Font-Mars” (The Castle of Font-Mars) is situated on the property at Mèze. Since 1864 until today the property was managed by the ancestors of Camille (Privat, Allié, Guibert, de Vulliod). Jean-Baptiste de Clock, their youngest son, is now the owner and perpetuates both family traditions. The vineyards cover 55 hectares and the terroir containes three different kins of soil: pliocène marin in the south, river formation in the west along the river Negue-Vaques, bégudo Rognacien, clay-chalk type in the Northeast.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Rosé Syrah N/A Clayey and chalky Sustainable
Picpoul de Pinet Picpoul de Pinet N/A Clayey and chalky Sustainable
Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon N/A Clayey and chalky Sustainable