Edmond Vatan

France, Loire, Sancerre




With Edmond Vatan, born in 1929, I find it a mistake to "judge" vintages. Literally no matter what the conditions of the year, whatever he creates is remarkable, with amazing consistency from vintage to vintage. When asked how he can do this, he replies that it is so simple a matter that it needs no explanation – if you plant low-yielding vines on only the steepest, perfectly exposed slopes, prune severely, provide only necessary and natural treatments, (and as little as possible, forcing the vine down for strength and character), harvesting after all the rest have finished (no problem finding pickers then!) and vinifying according only to the traditional (actually ancient) methods – it becomes only a question of comparing the personality of each vintage, not which is "better." Vinification in old tank; one racking, and then bottling with no fining or filtration when the conditions are perfect in nature. The 2007 was the last vintage that Edmond produced on his own.  Starting with 2008, his daughter Anne took over, with Edmond remaining involved, advising and guiding. Anne is making wine that continues in every way the greatness of this tiny gem of Chavignol. 


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Sancerre Clos La Neore Sauvignon Blanc 49 years (1969) Kimmeridgian Marl Organic