Ernst Triebaumer

Austria, Burgenland





The first Triebaumer arrived in Rust in 1691 and their passion and devotion to wine began shortly after when he married the daughter of a local winemaker. For generations the Triebaumers have cultivated a rich heritage of knowledge and instinctive understanding for the land they tend. Today, Ernst Triebaumer his and his family maintain an emphasis on the land and the natural process and try to preserve the art in the winemaking process. In recent years the Triebaumers discovered and have employed the ancient “Terra Preta” technique which helps preserve and further cultivate their rich terroir.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Sauvignon Blanc Vogelsang Sauvignon Blanc Quartz, Gneiss, Fractured Schist Organic
Blaufrankisch Rusterberg Blaufrankisch Clay Humus Organic