Andria Gvino




Thomas Huber

In his “day-job”, George Wolski (his son is Andria) is a PhD engineer, traveling all over Europe as a consultant. But like virtually every Georgian, he’s got vines and wine-making in his family!

The Andria Saperavi is about as “natural” as wine can be - organically grown from 45 year-old un-grafted vines, hand-harvested, de-stemmed by hand, spontaneously fermented using indigenous yeasts in underground amphora (called Qvevri in Georgia), bottled un-fined, and unfiltered.

And there are no sulfites added at any time in the vinification, aging, or bottling.

The soil composition in Kakheti is referred to as “Cinnamonic” and is comprised of reddish, sandy, calcareous clays. The hue is a function of high iron content which also imparts a depth of flavor and rustic, earthy notes to the wines of this region.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Method
Andria Gvino Kisi 2017 Kisi 45 years Cinnamonic Organic
Andria Gvino Saperavi Khashmi 2017 Saperavi 45 years Cinnamonic Organic