La Folie Lucé, Loïc Terquem

France, Loire, Saumar Champigny



Founded in 2009 by me (Loïc Terquem), initially with one ‘hectare’ (10 000 square meters) of Cabernet Franc, I now work on 4,5 ‘hectares’ of Cabernet Franc. The name of the domaine comes from the combination of the name of one of my first plots named “La Folie” and of the first letters of the names of our two sons: Lucas and César. “Folie” meaning madness seemed suitable for the kind of adventure I launched myself and my family into, when I decided, after more than 20 years in IT management, to start a new life as wine grower and wine maker! 2009 year had been nice and warm with a very dry fall, and my total lack of experience in wine making produced 2 natural wines that met a quick and rewarding success: “Encore” and “Autrement” , each based on an assembly of the 3 plots I owned at that time : “Encore” made out of younger plants and more sandy soils, raised in concrete tanks only , and “Autrement”, made on more chalky soils, and raised in second hand oak barrels. Organic wine growing and wine making have always seemed essential to me, and all my vines are certified by Ecocert since 2009. The total domain will be fully certified in 2015 since the last plots I took over in 2012 were not certified, although organically worked. The average age of the vines is of 30 years, the oldest being 50 years old. My philosophy of wine making is to produce wines that will reflect both the soil the were grown on and the climatic profile of the year, therefore no use of ‘levures’ nor technical process, even filtering are used to produce what I would like to call ‘sincere’ wines.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Cabernet Franc "Encore" Cabernet Franc Average 35 years Sandy silt on clay Certified Organic in 2009, Now Certified Biodynamic
Cabernet Franc "Autrement" Cabernet Franc Average 35 years Sandy silt on limestone bedrock Certified Organic in 2009, Now Certified Biodynamic