La Palazzina, Leonardo Montà

Piemonte, Italy


La Palazzina.jpg

Leonardo Montà founded La Palazzina Winery in 1986. The first vintage bottled was in 1999. The estate, anchored by a Seventeenth Century manor, has been in Leonardo’s family since the early 1930s. Leonardo's grandmother, Maria, worked in the vineyard together with her husband Carlo, it was she who taught Leonardo the craft of winemaking. Now, with his son, Paolo Montà, Leonardo works both in the cellar and the vineyards. Leonardo's daughter, Francesca, a graphic designer, creates the La Palazzina labels.

La Palazzina vineyard extends 3.5 hectares over the hills of Roasio (2 hectares around the winery), Brusnengo (0.6 hectares) and Casa del Bosco (0.9 hectares) at between 300 to 400 meters above sea level. Not too long ago, a massive, dormant volcano, called "Supervulcano della Valsesia," was discovered under the surface of the Valsesia region. The surrounding lands have been designated a UNESCO Global Geopark. The volcanic origin of the vineyard's soil is a critical foundation to the wines of La Palazzina.

The vines in Roasio are 30 years old, while in Casa del Bosco they are about 10 years old. Both Roasio and Casa del Bosco are Bramaterra vineyards. The oldest La Palazzina vineyard, the Brusnengo vineyard, with some vines up to 60 years old, is designated for the production of Coste della Sesia.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type
Bramaterra Nebbiolo Avg. 20 years old Volcanic
Bramaterra Riserva Nebbiolo Avg. 20 years Volcanic
Coste della Sesia 50% Nebbiolo, 35% Croatina, 10% Uva Rara, 5% Vespolina Up to 60 years old Volcanic