Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy

France, Loire, Sancerre



Pascal & Nicolas Reverdy.jpg

I think it is safe to say that Nicholas and Pascal are the two tallest individuals to inhabit (or ever to have inhabited) the tiny hamlet of Maimbray nestled in a valley surrounded by chalk hills, nearing mountains in steepness. Maimbray is a humble looking village, forming right angles with neighboring Chavignol and Verdigny. Here Pascal and Nicolas bootstrapped their operation up year by year, having begun with virtually no capital. Already in France they were regarded as one of the finest producers of Sancerre Rouge, when I met them in 1995. Tragically, Nicolas was killed in an accident in the vineyards in late November 2007, but his wife Sophie has joined Pascal and his wife, Nathalie, in the enterprise and works full-time in the vines with Pascal. The yields are very low, about 50 Hl/Ha, with excellent natural ripeness and super low concentration of Sauvignon/mineral character.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Terre de Maimbray Rosé Pinot Noir 18 years Clay limestone (Marne) Sustainable
Sancerre "Les Coûtes" Sauvignon Blanc 50 years Clay limestone (Marne) hillsides Sustainable
Sancerre "Les Angeslots" Vieilles Vignes Pinot Noir 65 years Clay limestone (Marne) hillside Sustainable
Sancerre Terre de Maimbray Rouge Pinot Noir 26 years Clay limestone (Marne) hillside Sustainable