Peter Jakob Kühn

Germany, Rheingau




Situated in the historic Rheingau on the right banks of the river Rhine, the Kühn Estate has been a cornerstone of German wine-making for roughly 230 years and has been passed down through 11 generations. Having grown into a 20 hectare estate, Peter Bernhard along with his wife Viktoria, his parents Peter Jakob and Angela, as well as his sister Sandra continue to both preserve the established traditions of their ancestors and to pursue modern viticultural techniques. In 2004 they made the decision to achieve a certification as organic and biodynamic winery. The belief and expectation of quality wine manifests itself in their memberships in the VDP (Prädikat Wine Estates), Demeter, and “La Renaissance des Appellations”. The result is a collection of exquisite and well-defined rieslings.

Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Riesling Trocken Jacobus Riesling 5-45 Years Slate Biodynamic
Lenchen Riesling Kabinett Riesling 15-45 Years Loess Biodynamic
Oestrich Riesling Quartzit Tocken Riesling 15-45 Years Loam-Quartzite Biodynamic
Hallgarten Riesling Rheinschiefer Trocken Riesling 15-45 Years Slate Biodynamic
Doosberg Riesling GG Riesling 45 Years Loess-Loam Biodynamic
Hendelberg Riesling Trocken Riesling 41 Years Slate Biodynamic