Gia Togonidze




Thomas Huber

Gia Togonidze is a professional artist, and his winemaking showcases Georgian wine at its “most elegant, graceful, and pure."

Gia and his family are well known in the Shalauri community and the international wine scene not only for their wines but also for their gracious hospitality, welcoming guests as if they were family. The vineyard is adjacent to the Satlianiskhevi River, just outside the city of Telavi. Gia follows traditional family practices employing non-irrigated, chemical free production.

Mtsvane Kakhuri is a young wine distinguished by a rich bouquet, intense amber hue, a pleasantly bitter taste, strong tannins, and high alcohol.

Saperavi is dry with rich black fruit aromas.

The soil composition in Kakheti is referred to as “Cinnamonic” and is comprised of reddish, sandy, calcareous clays. The hue is a function of high iron content which also imparts a depth of flavor and rustic, earthy notes to the wines of this region.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Method
Togonidze's Wine Mtsvane Kakhuri White - 2017 Mtsvane XX years Soil Comp Organic
Togonidze's Wine Saperavi Red - 2017 Saperavi XX years Soil Comp Organic