Uwe Schiefer

Austria, Südburgenland


4 Stars Falstaff 2013




Schiefer’s principle: “Less is more” is his aim to genuine winemaking. He produces unfiltered wines in a very puristic style focusing on naturalness. Currently he works organically and biodynamically in some vineyards, and wants to change all vineyard culture to biodynamic in the coming years. The Südburgenland is Austria’s smallest wine producing province and straddles the border with Hungary. There are a total of 400 hectares under vine. The finest vineyard is the 120 Ha Eisenberg, a steep schistus slate hillside where Uwe Schiefer (by coincidence the word Schiefer meaning slate in German) works now on 8.6 hectare, the most of any other growers in the region. In fact, it was he who in 1997, when he founded the winery, was the first wine-maker of Eisenberg. This rich terroir coupled with Uwe’s traditional wine-making style produces stunning Blaufränkisch, but give these wines some time in bottle to reach their full potential.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Weisser Schiefer 90% Welschriesling, 5% Grüner Veltliner, 5% Pinot Blanc Average 35 years Dolomite-chalk, slate, quartz and opal Organic
Blaufränkisch Purbach Blaufränkisch Average 25 years Sandy-loam, slate and chalk Organic
Blaufränkisch Südburgenland Blaufränkisch 15 years Iron-rich clay, loam, slate, quartz and opal Organic
Blaufrankisch "E" Eisenberg Blaufränkisch Average 15 years Iron-rich clay, loam, slate and quartz Organic
Blaufrankisch "K" Königsberg Blaufränkisch Average 40 years Dolomite-chalk, slate, sandy loam Organic
Blaufränkisch "S" Szapary Blaufränkisch 15-55 years Iron-rich clay, loam, blue slate and quartz Organic
Blaufränkisch Reihburg Blaufränkisch Average 55 years Iron-rich clay, loam, slate and quartz Organic
Blaufränkisch Lutzmannsburg Blaufränkisch Average 55 years Clayey-loam over limestone bedrock Organic