Vignoble Dauny

France, Loire, Sancerre




'The Dauny family is an old "vigneronne" family, specializing in vine and wine production, from the area of Sancerre which cultivates the vine on the famous slopes of Champtin since 1683.

The twelfth generation of the family is represented by Nicole and Christian Dauny, their sons Benoit and Thibaut are ensuring the families legacy as the thirteenth generation to manage this amazing vineyard. In 1964 the vineyard was entirely converted to "Biological Agriculture" meaning all aspects of the vine and production are certified Organic.

The goal being to improve the fertility of the grounds in the long-term and for future generations, furthermore to eliminate the many forms of pollution. Providing to the consumers a healthy, natural and balanced, product of a good food as it is meant to be! Our wines thus come from vines cultivated without artificial fertilizer, weeding, insecticide or pesticides, synthetic fungicides etc.'




Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Sancerre Blanc "Les Caillottes" Sauvignon Blanc 18 years Limestone & chalk Sustainable/td>
Sancerre Blanc "Terres Blanches" Sauvignon Blanc 25 years Limestone & chalk Sustainable/td>