Weingut Hüls, Markus Hüls

Germany, Mosel



Markus Hüls apprenticed with Markus Molitor in the Mosel before acquiring some vines of his own and starting this domaine in Kröv. Strength of expression, on top of Mosel purity, are the hallmarks of his winemaking style, or rather grape-growing style, as it all happens in the vineyard. Markus took over the family's winery just 3 years ago (2012). Within this short time period it was not yet possible to switch the farming type from conventional to organic. He has started the process to switch to organic / biodynamic but this will take additional time (3-5 years). Now, no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides are used in the vineyard nor any kind of chemical fertilizers. Since the wines are fermented only with the indigenous yeast of each wine / vineyard, chemical agents are not even possible to use in the vineyard since these would harm and kill the indigenous yeasts. Interestingly, even though some of his vines are only 9 years old, they carry the genetic code of 100 year old vines (Selection massale: New vines were grown from pieces cut from 9 different Riesling vines within the 100 year old Riesling vineyard at the Moselle). This genetic is key for the future HUELS wine collection because 100 years ago nobody cared about the selection of vines in terms of increasing yield quantities. This selection has the result of smaller grapes, non-compact grape clusters (better airflow, enough space for the single grapes to expand without crushing), higher surface of grape skin all that result in more vintage typicity and terroir taste. yeasts.


Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Riesling Trocken Riesling 20-50 years Slate (Blue Devon) Practicing Organic, uncertified
Riesling Schieferspiel Trocken Riesling 9 years Slate (Blue Devon) Practicing Organic, uncertified
Riesling Alte Reben Riesling 30-60 years Slate (Blue Devon) Practicing Organic, uncertified
Riesling Steffensberg Spatlese Riesling 9 and 30-60 years Slate (Blue Devon) Practicing Organic, uncertified