William Charriat

France, Bourgogne, Irancy



I cannot take credit for this one.  I had been looking for a long while without finding the right Irancy; a classic, pure, terroir-expressive Irancy (which is near Auxerre and the grape is Pinot Noir).  All I found were either too modern or too tannic, or both.  I mentioned my plight to François Servin, who told me that every year he buys for his personal cellar from William Charriat.   The wines are always released later (current release in 2016 is the 2011 vintage) because these are truly traditional in style.  He said they might not be to my liking, but then again they might.  Indeed they are, though again, they might not be for everyone, as these are traditionally made, whole-cluster fermented, no new oak, Irancy for aging.  We have a few magnums, too.




Technical Information

Wine Varietals Vine Age Soil Type Farming Type
Irancy Pinot Noir Average 30 years, some planted in 1930 Limestone/clay Sustainable